Your customers rely on you to help them support their families and spiritual leaders. As a Choice-supported money service bureau, you can offer them a faster, more competitive remittance service while actually increasing your profit.

We'll help you succeed with a fantastic range of services, including your own mobile payments app, secure cash collection services, marketing support, safeguarding accounts and much more.

As regulations tighten and banking support becomes ever harder to get, we'll help you stay compliant and take away most of the distractions that soak up your time every day.

Banking facilities under threat?

You're not alone. Many money transfer shops are struggling to keep their vital relationships with their banks. We can help with a specialist alternative solution that helps you stay banked and serve your customers better than ever.

Read on to find out how...


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Lost Your Bank?

The withdrawal of banking facilities from UK money shops is reaching epidemic proportions. You need freedom of choice to be flexible and, without a safeguarding account, you just can't continue as an independent money shop.

Before you give up your independence - or give up the business entirely - talk to us. We have banking partnerships that understand your marketplace - and that respect our compliance processes - so they're happy to work with you to help you, not just to survive, but to prosper.

Card Terminal

All the support you need

As a Choice partner you'll be fully equipped to serve your customers. We'll provide a fast-connecting, up-to-the-minute card terminal with full contact-free and mobile capability. You'll also benefit from a 24/7 management portal that gives you on-demand visibility of your accounts, as well as being able to manage payments.

You'll get to know real people instead of dealing with a faceless call centre. That includes a dedicated account manager who's on call to solve problems as well as work with you to grow your business.

We all stand to gain from each other's success; let's make it happen together.


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You're in Control

We won't try to run your business for you - you already know how to do that. What we will do is help you to move forward, be more successful and maybe even make your life a little less hectic.

You'll get close, personal support from an experienced team; from real people with faces and voices you'll come to know; people who'll take the time to get to know you.

That means your support package will be designed to work for you and your marketplace, not some theorist's idea of a perfect world. You can take progress at a pace that suits you, and start reaping the rewards of your progress within days.

There's no competition

Your customers are your customers. We have offered - and never will offer - retail money remittance services. What we will do is provide the tech, the treasury services and the support to help you build your business.

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Speaking the Same Language

English isn't the first language of many of your customers, so we help you build trust with a multi-lingual app for their mobile devices, documentation in their own language, and even targeted local signage and advertising to drive footfall to your shop.

We're now rolling out our local marketing support programme. We'll help you shine in your community to become the first choice for home remittances. Instead of handing over their money to a faceless multi-national business, your customers will be served personally by you and your staff, people they know and trust. People who speak their language, in more ways than just words.

And it doesn't stop there, we can even provide support at the destination end of the transaction, marketing direct to the people requesting the remittance. Working together, we can go global.

Your own branded app

Your Own Branded App

If you've contemplated building your own customer mobile app, or just wished such a thing was affordable - then here's a quick and simple way to join the mobile revolution.

Our new-look mobile app is available as a free install on both the Apple Store and Google Play Store, and you can have your own branded version without spending a penny, let alone part with the many thousands of pounds such a development would usually cost you.

It's easy to use, and gives you an instant digital presence to receive payments via card or directly from your customers' bank accounts. Your customers can even pre-qualify a cash remittance so that everything's ready when they arrive at your shop. The essential KYC functions are built in, capturing and validating passports and other documents to keep your remittances safe and compliant.

Receiving cash

Cash? Don't Worry About It!

It's becoming increasingly difficult to bank cash receipts. Branch closures continue at record rates, meaning you have to travel further and further to bank those notes, and storing increasing amounts on the premises - or at home - is a security risk you just don't need.

But we've got you covered there too. We provide you with a secure cash collection service that's tailored accurately to your volumes and schedules. Dedicated vehicles will call according to schedules that suit you and your business, and the digitised funds will be in your bank rapidly, reliably and predictably. And with our new additions to your client portal, we're making accepting cash payments even easier.

Banks regard cash as an inconvenience, but we understand its importance to your customers and your business.


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