Foreign Exchange

Multi-region FOREX in MORE THAN 100 currencies


We provide non-banking financial institutions and similar organisations with forex services in more than 100 currencies, including exotics. Thanks to a large network of established relationships throughout the world, we're able negotiate beneficial spot rates and effectively provide compliant remittance services similar to those of a correspondent bank.

All exchanges are protected by our best-of-breed KYC/AML/ATF processes. To ensure end-to-end compliance, we require all of our partners and clients to adhere to its premises.


The Experts in International Trade Payments

International trade is complex and difficult enough. The processes of setting up a deal and seeing it through to delivery are complicated by language barriers, customs regulations, sanctions, import duties and a thousand other considerations. The further layer of doubt around paying or getting paid is one layer you really could do without. So let's do without it.

It's this obstacle that we've been simplifying for our clients since 2004. We don't just provide forex, we help protect you from currency fluctuations, from currency shortages and the difficulties of working in exotic currencies. Our foreign exchange services provide deliverable payments in most currencies and, thanks to our cutting-edge KYC/AML/ATF platform, we can help you complete deals in emerging markets that might otherwise have been unavailable.


Our Commitment to You

Staying safe and compliant is as essential to us as it is to our clients. That's why every new client is fully on-boarded via our EDD processes. It's your assurance that you're keeping your business secure and risk-minimised. So we're not just providing forex facilities; we're opening up to you with a wealth of experience and expertise in dealing with global payments.

Our rates are competitive, but that's just what you'd expect, and it's by no means the most important factor. We'll quickly get to know each other well, so we'll be able to offer you expert support that fits perfectly with your business aims. When you do well, so do we, so we commit to doing everything in our power to make you successful.

Expertise and Access

Alongside the barrier-hurdling capabilities of our enhanced due diligence processes, we'll also provide you with the benefit of our years of international network-building. We have established relationships worldwide, giving liquidity in almost every currency. As a result we can provide you with dependable, immediate and deliverable spot exchange, even in hard-to-reach jurisdictions and hard-to-access currencies.

We're available to you 24/5, so even differing time zones needn't get in the way of successful transactions. At last you can concentrate on doing the deal, and leave it to us to take the complication out of the payments.


Choice was at the forefront of RegTech, even before the word was coined. As one of the very first companies to identify the shortcomnigs of existing diligence processes, we've maintained a consistently high level of investment in world-leading software platforms. As one of our clients, you get to share the benefit of those platforms, giving you incredibly detailed audit trails and rock-solid compliance.

But the benefit of high compliance isn't just regulatory. Your acceptance decisions will be more informed than ever before, which doesn't just help you avoid the bad deals; it often allows you to safely accept business your competitors are forced to reject.

High compliance makes you more competitive.

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