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Robust AML/ATF is the key


Our ability to make payments in almost every region of the globe doesn't come easy. It's based on the most robust and stringent AML and ATF procedures to be found, systems that have been constantly enhanced and developed - and continue to evolve - over more than a decade of investment. That investment has paid dividends in enabling us to open up opportunity to emerging markets by removing the barriers that prevent the established world from dealing with them.

Choice International partners benefit from inclusion in this compliance powerhouse, allowing them to seize new opportunities, and helping emerging countries to prosper.


Cross-border trade

The withdrawal of correspondent banking from large areas of the world has made cross-border trade difficult or, in some cases, impossible. This has forced many would-be exporters to turn to unregulated or even illegal channels, often paying punishingly high premiums and potentially laying themselves open to considerable risk.

Choice International's forex experience, allied to world-leading enhanced due diligence, allows us effectively to operate as a clearing house, facilitating fully compliant global payments. We don't deal in investments, futures or other speculative financial ventures; every payment we enable is backed by a solid, identified transaction for goods or services, executed for an agreed fee. Our specialism in risk assessment and mitigation allows us to be highly competitive, benefiting all parties in the transaction.

The most isolated markets in the world hold some of the highest potential in the world. Now's the time to take the first step into risk-free profit.

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