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Client or partner? To us the terms are interchangeable. We work closely together to our mutual advantage. Given that fact, it doesn't matter too much what you call it.

Working with Choice is an involving experience. We'll get to know each other quickly, as our relationship will begin with on-boarding to our stringent KYC protections against money laundering and funding of terrorism. Signing up to our method of ensuring compliance is an essential part of working together. We have to be equally and contractually committed to safe, ethical and compliant operations.

It's not an onerous or intrusive process, and requires a minimum of your time. Many of our existing partners were able to transfer lessons learned in getting to know our systems into their other business dealings.


The Partner Onboarding Process

Our unique edge in global payments stems largely from our meticulous KYC/AML/EDD systems. That means we have to protect their integrity at all costs, which means that we're immovable on one condition of working with us: all of our partner clients must be on-boarded via the same checks that their own customers will be asked to satisfy. We're flexible and adaptable about most things, but this one's carved in diamond.

As you'll see from the flow chart below, it's an ongoing process, not a one-off screening. Once approved, all of the transactions on your account will be fully vetted, including an independent quarterly audit of all acivities - ours as well as yours. And that's actually good news, apart from ensuring that your future dealings will be safe, it provides an intensive audit of your company's own compliance standards.

Our on-boarding and continuous monitoring processes are a firm protection - for you and for us - from fraud, unexpected losses and regulatory fines. But, more than that, they're the key to new opportunities and a world of possibilities.

Partner onboarding process

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