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Home remittances are a vital lifeline for families in emerging countries. People come to the UK to find opportunity and, by hard work, support their loved ones at home. We feel strongly that they should be welcomed and supported. Licensed money transfer businesses across the country carry out an important function in providing this service.

Sadly, their work has been tainted by a few wrongdoers who have misused the channel to launder money and support organised crime. This has motivated many banks to withdraw support, cutting off innocent families from the funds they depend on. Many money transfer businesses have already been forced to close, with more sure to follow, putting thousands of jobs at risk. Crisis is not too strong a term.


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We work with independently licensed partners across the UK. Each one adheres to our high standards of service and financial compliance.


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Lost your bank?

The withdrawal of banking facilities from UK money shops is reaching epidemic proportions. You need freedom of choice to be flexible, and without a cooperative, supportive bank you could be unable to continue as an independent money service business.

Choice International is an experienced and specialised banking alternative that’s committed to supporting you as you send vital funds to your community’s families in their homeland.

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Why Digital Isn’t the Answer

We’re frankly angered by the claims of many the large corporate companies that digital payments are cheaper, safer and faster than old-fashioned cash. Quite simply, it isn’t true.

Is that a biased view? Not at all; we facilitate many thousands of digital settlements every year. But they’re no cheaper than cash. The fees charged by the card companies are at least equal to those levied on cash transfers. Presently the larger digital processors are settling remittance payments at a loss in order to buy business. That gives short-term benefit to remitters, but it’s not sustainable. A glance at these companies’ published account bear witness to this fact.

Why are they buying business? Because your customers feel safer when they deal in cash with a local, community business; they trust the face-to-face service you give them. And for many years, it’s these local businesses that provide the lowest cost transfers. Even in the face of the artificially and temporary low prices, migration to digital remittances remains below 3.5% a year.

We can help you to give your customers the service they prefer; to deal with you in person, and to use the payment methods they trust – safely, easily and cheaply.